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In-Person Counseling & TeleHealth

Currently all Sessions are Telehealth.

In person Counseling may resume in late June.

TeleHealth Appointments are online therapy sessions with a licensed clinician that can be completed from the comforts of your home. They are secure, confidential and convenient for everyone! All you need is your smartphone, tablet or computer.

TeleHealth Appointments are ideal for:

*Professionals on the go *Individuals who are home bound for various reasons *Working parents with chaotic schedules *And others!


Training and Program Facilitator Services 

Training can be provided for a whole host of topics related to mental health, parenting, school issues and sports performance. Contact us for a more comprehensive list and details

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Legal Services 

Legal Services Include: Court testimony and court preparation for child custody and visitation cases, court mandated counseling, court mandated anger management and more. Clinicians can be available for court testimony and clinical summaries with additional costs. Only established clients qualify for these services and most court preparation and fees are not billable to insurance. As always, we are ethically obligated to keep your personal heath information confidential unless you release us from that obligation in writing. We as clinicians reserve the right to refuse participation in legal matters when we professionally believe that it is not in the best interest of our clients.

*Legal Services are not covered by insurance. Please contact Renee Manneh, LCSW for more details if you believe legal involvement will be necessary.

Legal Advice

Clinical supervisions and Graduate Internships

Clinical Supervision is provided for current Licensed Clinical Social Work Associates. Clinical supervision can be provided individually and through group sessions.


Our goal is to help associates successfully complete all hours with quality supervision and assistance in preparing for the licensing exam by providing one-on-one support and guidance. Please call for rates and availability.


Our staff has been proud participants in various graduate internship programs locally and abroad. We would love the chance to pay our experiences forward by providing internships for graduate students looking for worthwhile experiences. Please call for availability

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