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Why Choose Couples Therapy?
  • Premarital Counseling

  • Separation/Divorce

  • Co-Parenting Concerns

  • Communication Concerns

  • Conflict Concerns

  • Infidelity Issues

  • Infertility Issues

What is the Process?

All couples will have to complete a 15-minute consultation with the therapist prior to the intake session. This is so that the clinician can understand the couples needs and the couples gain a better understanding of our approach to couples therapy. Goodness of fit and comfortability are important to the therapeutic process.


We use the Gottman Method and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to inform our therapeutic approach to couples therapy. 


A Gottman Couples Checkup Survey will need to be completed. There is an outside fee related to this survey that goes directly to the Gottman Institute.


We highly recommend that each party of the couple be in their own individual therapy during couples therapy. This helps to support the process for each party to have a space of their own to work through topics and concerns that may arise during couples therapy sessions. If there are any issues of domestic violence or substance abuse- those can be best addressed in individual therapy appointments. We can provide referrals for individual therapists upon request. 


All appointments are virtual until further notice. Both parties do not need to be in the same location for the session although it is highly recommended by the therapist.

Sequence of Sessions
  • 15-Minute Consultation

  • 1.5 Hour Intake Session

  • 1 Hour 1st Individual Session

  • 1 Hour 2nd Individual Session

  • 1 Hour Survey Results and Planning Session

  • All other sessions will be planned according to the feedback from the intake, individual sessions and survey

Happy Senior Couple
Married Couples Rap Sessions
Image by Ronny Sison

This group operates as a couples rap session designed to provide a safe place for married couples to explore their relationship through respect, love, and forgiveness activities. The sessions provide tools to strengthen a more potent unit of marriage.

Meeting Frequency: Once a Month

Call to Sign Up!

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Topics May Include:
  • Commitments/Agreements

  • Communication

  • Entanglements

  • Influencers

  • Self-Expression

  • Validation

  • Boundaries

  • Relationship Goals

  • Rituals of Connection

  • Sex, Sex, Sex

  • Love Languages

  • Love Creations

  • Love Evolution

  • Love Maps

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