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Lucretia Greaux, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Director and Therapist

     I am an experienced therapist with over 15 years experience working with adults and children. I have worked with adults and children in educational, governmental and non profit settings. I specialize in working with clients with life transitions, grief and loss, DBT Informed Therapy, depression, anxiety and CBT/Trauma Informed Therapy.

     My clientele includes children, adolescents, teens and adults. My approach to therapy involves using research based methods to help clients improve mood, stabilize anxiety and accomplish their goals.

In addition to working with clients, I support our practice as the Clinical Director. I work with our therapists to develop therapeutic approaches to treatment and by providing current, innovative clinical resources to our practice. I believe engaging in current professional development is essential to strengthening our skills as therapists.


I am accepting clients with BCBS, Cigna, Claremont EAP, ENI EAP, MedCost, Tricare/Humana, and self-pay.

Tiffany Baker, MSW, LCSWA

Clinical  Therapist

   I am a licensed clinical therapist associate with several years of experience. I strongly believe that no one person is the same and that we are all uniquely made. We are not all made to fit into a perfect box of what society views us as, and my goal is to ensure that my clients are confident enough to step outside of that box and eventually have the tools to pull back that lens and navigate those tough moments with ease. 

   My clientele includes adolescents, teens, women, men and emerging adults.  My approach to therapy is to help my clients learn to advocate for themselves in any situation that may arise in this journey of life. I practice from a strengths-based approach, where I always meet the client where they are. When focusing on their strengths and acknowledging some of their challenges, I help empower clients to overcome their anxieties and tap into their inner abilities to see their goals, both long and/or short term, come to fruition. I embrace an eclectic approach to therapy, meaning that I utilize a combination of techniques when working with clients, some may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based Therapy, and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

I am accepting clients with BCBS and self-pay.

Vanta Rogers

Group Facilitator 

     I am a Licensed School Counselor with over 20 years in school counseling and education. I believe that all challenges we experience in life are opportunities to learn about ourselves and grow as individuals. As a Group Facilitator, it is my goal to focus on concepts of trust and creating a safe environment, so you feel free to process thoughts, develop healthy coping skills for improvement and growth.


My motto for life is "He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW." -Friedrich Nietzsche

Renee Manneh, MSW, LCSW

Executive Director and Therapist

     I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of counseling and teaching experience and over 15 years of working with nonprofits in the US and abroad. My clinical work focuses on issues such as life transitions, cross-cultural stress and adjustment, depression, interpersonal relationships, group dynamics and team building.

     My clientele includes women, men and couples. My approach to therapy involves a holistic approach that focuses on clients achieving optimum health and wellness. I also spent 2 years in the US Peace Corps serving as a Community Health Volunteer in Uganda. This experience solidified my cultural competence and continually informs my practice as a clinician, an educator, and social worker in all settings.

In addition to working with clients, I support our practice as the Executive Director through fiscal management and ensuring HIPPA compliance and ethical guidelines are followed.


I am accepting clients with Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Claremont EAP, ENI EAP, New Directions EAP, MedCost, Tricare/Humana, United Healthcare and self-pay.

Yolanda McLemore, MSW, LCSW

Clinical  Therapist

   I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience.  I believe that everyone has the ability to change and improve themselves and their circumstances given the right opportunity and the right support. 


   My goal is to provide a safe and trusting environment for my clients to grow while at the same time improving their mental health and their relationships with the people around them.

   I have experience working with children, women, and families.  My training has also included: Rape Crisis Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Domestic Violence Counseling, Teen Pregnancy, Grief and Loss, Life Transitions, and issues pertaining to Mental Health Diagnosis’ such as Depression and Anxiety.



   You only have control over three things in YOUR life…The THOUGHTS you think, the IMAGES you visualize, and the ACTIONS you take. 

                                                          -Jack Canfield

Chaneta Johnson

Executive Assistant

     As the Executive Assistant for Renewed Strength I am often the first voice people hear when inquiring about services. It can be a little daunting reaching out for help, but I take pride in making sure that whomever calls feels welcomed and supported. I have served as a caretaker in various stages of my life including teaching, ministry and community action. So in this role I serve as a caretaker for new clients. Each day I pray the support and information I provide inspires wisdom, strength, independence and courage for all.


My motto for life is "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me."

Serving North Carolina, New Jersey and Florida

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