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At Renewed Strength Counseling we assist clients through life transitions to achieve their goals. We offer counseling for individuals, couples, families, adolescents/teens, college students, job seekers, and groups. Sessions can be provided in-person, in groups, by telephone or online.  

We primarily utilize a strengths-based approach in counseling to help clients achieve their goals. Counseling sessions can possibly include identifying personal and professional strengths, group sessions, book studies, Christian-focus (if requested), and art and relaxation techniques. We also specialize in assisting parents in engaging with their child's school to make informed decisions.

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Learn all about our team and what we do! Our company started in 2018, each year we continue to grow. So Click below and Learn more about us. 

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“My Strength is Greater than my Struggle”

Posted: 4/13/2020

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