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The H.E.R. Strength Initiative

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OUR MISSION is to decrease health disparities for African
American women in a way that incorporates patient rights
education, technology, social support and transforming the
mindset of the medical community that supports them.

OUR GOAL is to eliminate the expansive health disparities among African American women. 


African Americans historically are faced with daunting health disparities across many categories of health. African American WOMEN tend to make up the worst of this data. Black women have higher rates of hypertension, diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and psychological stress. Some data reports that these rates are two and three times higher than that of white women. 


● Feel believed and heard as patients
● Feel more comfortable advocating for their patient rights
● Trust their medical professionals more
● Have greater utilization of preventative services
● Have decrease
d adverse health and mortality

The H.E.R. Strength Initiative began with examining the effectiveness of culturally responsive care in the Wake County and Durham County areas of North Carolina.


Research Outcomes 

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