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By Renee Manneh

We all express Gratitude in different ways. Gratitude towards people, Gratitude for things, Gratitude for emotions. Gratitude towards deities. The Gratitude Challenge is to utilize a different way to express gratitude. Expand what you are already doing or step outside of your comfort zone to express gratitude.

Gratitude is the readiness to show appreciation and to return it with kindness. This months #gratitudechallenge focuses on giving back and showing you care. How are you showing your gratitude this month? We start our challenge by challenging you to plant the seed! How do we plant the seed? At work bring donuts to staff or share appreciations in other ways. Have children make cards, or take flowers to school. This is the initial contact of appreciation. When you are first starting out at a job, school or community, it’s a great first impression to plant the seed. How do we show gratitude? We show gratitude expressions through being creative, stepping out of our comfort zone to participate in random acts of kindness. If a Coworker loves Reese’s cups who always shares her Reese's, gift her a bag. By saying thank you for sending thank you cards! We can also show gratitude by intentional support and care.

Overall, we grow from every piece of gratitude we show. Sending a thank you card or a random act of kindness. We are growing from just keeping creativity to self to sharing those expressions with the world! Planting a seed of a gift, a comment, an emotion or gesture helps us grow a tree of appreciation and kindness; and a Garden of Gratitude.

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