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Dr. Renee Johnson Manneh, LCSW, DHSc

Co-Founder and Executive Director 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 12 years of counseling and teaching experience and over 15 years of working with nonprofits in the US and abroad. I spent 2 years in the US Peace Corps serving as a Community Health Volunteer in Uganda. This experience solidified my cultural competence and continually informs my practice as a clinician, an educator, and social worker in all settings. I pursued a doctorate in health sciences to further my work as an African American women's health advocate with the H.E.R. Strength Initiative (Health for Everyone Restores Strength).  The mission of the H.E.R. Strength Initiative is to decrease health disparities for African American women in a way that incorporates patient rights education, technology, social support systems and transforming the mindset of the medical community that cares for them. 

As the Executive Director and a clinician I work to bridge the connection between mental health and physical wellness for clients, clinicians and the medical community.  In addition, I support our practice by establishing strategic partnerships, ensuring fiscal management, ensuring ethical guidelines are followed and providing clinical supervision to provisionally licensed clinicians. 

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