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Pivoting in a Pandemic

To pivot means to “modify while retaining some continuity with its previous version.” *Sigh* I think we all can agree that we have modified almost everything in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.. Our work-life has changed. Our parenting styles have changed. The way we go to school has changed. The way we socialize has changed. The way we grocery shop has changed. The way we go to the doctor has changed. Most places require a temperature check and symptom assessment prior to entry. Even health recommendations change daily. To maintain continuity in any form during this pandemic feels like a pipe dream. However, it is doable.

Our state shut down in March 2020 and we had to pivot our practice to all telehealth sessions. This was a bit of a logistical challenge for our practice, but also presented a new process for our clinicians to get adjusted to. But as we were propelled into the life of online therapists- we attempted to support one another, continue our monthly meetings and try to support our clients’ anxieties amid everything changing. We consider our office space an oasis for our clients and our staff. To not be able to provide the in person connection and peaceful atmosphere to our clients was tough for them and extremely tough for us. Our office space often provides an oasis for us clinicians too. So we truly missed our space. We had to pivot. We jumped all in by attending webinars to learn more about telehealth services; we created safe and serene spaces in our home offices; we purchased equipment to transition online, and we supported each other amidst anxieties and uncertainties.

And as we approach November- we are still here. Our clients are still with us, our families are ok, and our practice has survived. We successfully pivoted. We kept the continuity of quality services and we grew as clinicians as we became virtual clinicians. We have learned a lot. Even if it feels like there is no semblance of norm if we have to learn to pivot in order to survive and thrive. Change can be good. It can grow into better circumstances and outcomes. Change does not have to be a bad thing.

Some things we have learned in the past 7 months:

  • Change is not a four-letter word

  • Pivoting is important in order to learn and grow because staying still can stunt growth

  • The previous version of ourselves can grow

  • Continuity is relative- as we pivot we can keep norm, but we should expect growth to mean some modification

  • Keeping ourselves rooted in some continuity creates a safe atmosphere for change


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